Great customer service and prompt reply concerning information and advice on redundancy rights. Highly recommend!

- Senait Ogbay, Sweden

Thank you so much guys! Your advice was the best possible, you made us feel so special! We are beyond happy here, so highly recommended to anyone needing anything!

- Andrius Staponas, Lithuania

WWTF, Really?! OMG I’m in LOVE with the FAMILY memberships options! They are so cool .You are definitely turning average concept into something eye catchy & great!

- Roberto Gallo, Italy


People change their occupation rather frequently. Sometimes by their own will, sometimes because they are forced to do so. Whatever your case may be, the best solution is to act fast, so you don't end up with any unattractive gaps on your CV. Such will not only slow down your job search, keep your happiness at its lowest , but with the time also further you away from progress and your dreams.


I AM LDN FAMILY will never replace your real family, but it will definetely deliver on the feelings of belonging, friendship and shoulder to lean on. For more details please explore our WTF memberships.


Thanks to cultural exchange and globalisation, many of us today, speak more than one language. Nevertheless, sometimes or a lot - doesnt matter, there are documents that need a quick and competenet translation. If this is your case, then this service is to go for.


We charge our flat rate of 50 GBP for translation of non-professional language for 2 one sided A4 pages. Bigger documents or the docs requiring professional translation are quoted seperately. Contact us for more details!

LIVE (I) (A) (H)

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, which means that the living costs are quite high. Nevertheless, there are pocket savvy options out there and you just need to look well yourself or seek help from those who know the city like their five fingers. We cooperate with greatest private landlords out there to make sure your house is what it should be -your home! So the only reason you are not sleeping at night is because you are out having fun with other cool expats rather than breaking sweat or stressing over finding a flat/room that you actually like and can afford.


This category refers to all acomoodation options you can possibly think of. Short-term and temporare such as SNOOZE, as well as long-term & indefinite such as SLEEP.

(Residential set-up/Health/Communication)

We got you all sorted, whether you need to install a broadband, apply for a UK library card, get a gym membership or advise on closest GP, dentist or sexual health screening.


Please note that BREATHE is included in both the HERO & the LEGEND kick-starters for FREE!


TRAVEL (I) (A) (H)

Everything from advising on savvy destinations for your summer trip to helping you with all the travelling arrangments, bookings and ticket search.


 PS. I AM LDN FAMILY is planning to go on a trip to IBIZA this summer, so look out for more details on our SOCIAL branch called BEACH FREAKS.


LAND (I) (A) (H)
(Airport/Train station)

Land on your feet with Londons coolest MEET nd GREAT and avoid the horror of rush hour, chasing trains, figuring out the right platform or dragging bags between trains and stairs.


We will pick you up like a star with a clean car, safe driver, one of our Gurus and a big sign with your name on it.


Door to door transportation within Zones 1-3. Would you require to go further , you would need to pay 10GBP for every additional zone.








Everything from Driver License application to passing the tests, leasing a car, getting insurance, or anything else driver related.


 DRIVE (I) (A) (H)
(OMG Hotline)

In the unlikely event of you getting in trouble, our 24/7 OMG HOTLINE rescue service is there to serve you.


Everything from locking yourself out in a pair of fluffy slippers to being on the point of homeless due to lack of money or a place to live in. If you dont know where to turn, dont guess. Contact us and we will fish the solution  ASAP!

BEFRIEND the LAW (I) (A) (H)

Befriending laws and regulations may not be easy, especially if you have zero legal background. Nevertheless, legal knowledge is important, as it can both protect and get you in trouble if you are unaware of your rights and obligations. Not sure? Seek our advice and we will make sure that our partners at LINKILAW provide you with approproate support and help.


-the ADD-ONS

-Time and Quality expectations

-GLOSSARY (We are THE inventors of new concepts & words)



PS. If you are looking for an ADD-ON that is not here, contact us and we will sort it out! And if we cant we will find you someone who does.

Download our full SERVICES & PROCEDURE GUIDE consisting of:


Our ADD-ONS suit best if you already live in London and just need help with a few things or current matters. To make sure we dont drain your pockets, we have established our uber FLAT RATES. 


Check them out:




HELP (H) - 50 GBP


PLEASE NOTE that INFO (I) in any other languages than EN is considred as ADVICE (A) & will be charged for and delivered as such.


These flat rates give you an easier understanding of our work as well as more freedom to buy services you actually need. For upgrade just add the 20 GBP difference.


Should you require any additional service that would require extra cost, we would let you know in due course.


All the fun you can think of and more. Trust us when we say that London has some of the best entertainment opportunities in the world!


If having fun is something youre passionate about, dont forget to join the FAMILY, as our memberships will keep you entertained without breaking the piggy bank!


Feel free to offer any of our services or/and I AM LDN FAMILY memberships as a gift.


Gift cards are issued with an open name and are to be used within 6 months of the issue date. All 3 guarantees apply with the expiration deadlines starting only after you quote the gift card as the payment option for the particular service providing the final name of the reciepient.

GIFT (I) (A) (H)

For now, please pay CLICKING HERE addressing the money to info@imldn.com, providing all the details of the service required along with your contact details in the note section.


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Everything from Driver License application to passing the tests, leasing a car, getting insurance, or anything else driver related.


 DRIVE (I) (A) (H)