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What can we offer our partners?

Cooperation over competition

How do we work?

I AM LDNs services are to be seen as on one side a platform for pooling prospective customers, non high- skilled workers of diverse backgrounds with permission to live and work in UK and the will to do so in the shortest time possible and on the other side both private and corporate commercial partners (affiliates) such as landlords, flat agencies, employers and other service providers. Once a client contracts us and we provide him/ her with the service they booked, we are able to personalize and tailor the service in question to his/her particular needs by going through all partner profiles available, choosing the most convenient and appropriate options, taking into account the needs of both sides. We can link clients to their future landlords or potential employees, gyms, communications, banking providers within 24 hours as long as all quality and security checks aimed at protecting both sides are completed. To speed up such checks both of the parties can upload their id's, licenses and other proof of legitimate background to their profiles. Such requirements will of course be waived for partners who have been officially invited to the partnership by I AM LDN. So, once you have your partnership profile, you can upload the qualifications, jobs, promotions, and relevant referees available, providing all necessary for you and your contract details such as; requirements, language, experiences, deposits etc. We will then match these posts with an existing pool of customers. Basically providing the services of an agency without the charges of such.

Nobody is perfect and neither are we! That is exactly why we want to team up with the greatest partners out there, so we can add more value to our services, inform and recommend the best offers available and be as fair and helpful as possible to our pocket saving customers , whilst doing our best to keep the costs down, saying bye bye to commissions and other usually applied fees. Nothing personal, but just not our cup of tea..


We aim to provide our customers with  “ A place to call home” service, helping them with anything they might need from A-Z whilst being prompt, cost-efficient and secure. So, If London is a cosmopolitan jungle, I AM LND is the Jungle-map - a comprehensive, well-coordinated, long-lasting and always available service. But even the best compass will not remain unchallenged without a backup service containing all the information, the best routes, updated maps and other navigation tools! And this is where our partners come in.

Our partnership is built on cooperation and mutual benefits. We bring you clients and you bring us jobs and accommodation and other relevant services. Please note that at this stage we are still a start-up, but hopefully one that would be a start to a long-lasting and valued cooperation, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your agreement options or to negotiate better ones. We are here to cooperate. And yes, it is that simple. Our clients are your clients and there is no doubt, sharing is caring!

Finally, why do you need us ?

Help us to make sure our client's London dream doesn’t go to waste, register to become one of our partners and open the doors to your own new expanded clientele. Become a part of our network of established, reliable and cost-effective partners and we will link you with ready to move in tenants, ready to work employees, and most of all highly excited expats ready to make London their new home.