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Vilka är vi?

I AM LDN är platsen att vända sig till för snabba och trygga flyttningstjänster, som vi förser genom att samarbeta med bästa möjliga partner, genom att dumpa så många avgifter och arvoden som möjligt och framförallt genom att leverera ett brett utbud av omfattande, individuellt skräddarsydda och flerspråkiga tjänster.

Vad vill vi?

Vårt kall är att se till så att andra själar som oss (kom ihåg: vi har gått igenom samma sak) inte upptas av det onödiga besvär, krångel, och pengaslöseri som en flytt till en ny stad eller ett nytt land vanligtvis innebär. Vi vill se dig lägga mer tid på dig själv och mindre på måsten, så att både du och samhället som du planerar att leva i gagnas av att du är lycklig!

Var befinner vi oss nu?

Since our initial incorporation that took place towards the end of the summer 2015, we have been in a pre-natal stage, starting with product development, intern search and website creation. Today, more than half a year later, we can proudly say that our baby is born and everything that you see on this website from content and design to logo and photography has been made strictly by our loving and volunteering in-house team.


Where are we heading?

As for right now we are trying to do our best as I AM LDN, making sure we deliver on our promises. In the future, we aim high or higher, whatever is closer))) Otherwise we wouldnt be making ourselves justice. Besides us working our bums off for above, do expect a lot of other projects such as an Iphone app, BEACH FREAKS social and a project supporting young fashion designers. Our goal is not making everyone move to London, but rather give those who are already here or about to come enough of support & inspiration to strive for their dreams. We also hope to in the future launch similar concierge services in other expat attracting cities. Global recognition of successful and leading in its sphere expat hub with a distinctive vision of social enterprise is our final destination!

Finally, why us ?

Well, firstly, we are unique. We want you not just to have your basic relocation needs met, but aim for development of your individual talent , so you can be motivated and inspired to follow your DREAM. Please see the FAMILY for more details.


Secondly, because we are distinctive in our set-up of volunteering (at least for now) young talent offering our own expat experience and doing so in several different languages.


Thirdly, we are priced so light and reasonable, that even the most experienced world traveller would come seeking help rather than guessing the solution.


Finally, because we are young, fresh and dedicated to societal progress, but as any startup, need your support to develop , grow bigger and most importantly stronger.