The three BAD BOYS below are here to kick-start your new London life, so you can go chasing your DREAMS in zero to no time! And a cool thing is that they don’t only care for your relocation but also for philanthropy and social wellbeing. Therefore, 30% of the sales are put aside for I AM LDN FAMILY and its investment in social to charities, so the Good fellas at respective organisation can help raising some more superheroes and support those in need.

3. Prices vary depending on how much help you need, but we did our best to set as many flat rates as possible to be affordable even to the smallest pockets out there. For additional services and flat rates, go to



Now, do yourself a favour, get one of the kick-starters and avoid all the hassle, waste of time and money!


2. Please note that all kick-starters are personal and cant be shared unless stated otherwise. Be kind to respect this, so our team can continue its work on developing other great services to satisfy your and other heavily excited expats needs.


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the HERO
A.K.A the WALK                  A

(155 GBP)



  • UPGRADE+ (OYSTER w 10 GBP credit plus GURU & Survival Guible in EN/RU/SWE/PL/IT/FR/SP/GE)

  • Sim card with total of 10 GBP credit

  • CV check & Advice

  • SNOOZE (FREE help with securing your temporary place to stay at- Hotel/Hostel/Bed & Breakfast)

  • FREE 1 month of I AM LDN family membership (T)

  • FREE In house English classes (Held once per week for up to 10expats/class)

  • WORK (Help with finding you a job)



  • Meet & Greet+20%off (A total of 30% discount)

  • CVAG workshop 50% off Reg. 50GBP (Our full job search workshop including CV writing,application,mock interview & helpful tips and advice)

  • TRAVEL help 50% off Reg.50GBP (help with finding the best airticket deal plus FREE bus airport transfer in London)










A.K.A. the TALK                  I

(35 GBP)


  • Your personal GURU speaking EN

  • Induction conference call

  • PDF Survival Guible EN (our home-made guide on UK Bank Account, National Insurance, Residential Advice, Transport & Safety)

  • FREE Oyster (London travel card Reg. 5GBP)

  • FREE UK sim card (Reg.. 5GBP)

  • In London meeting to clear any questions and concerns you might have

  • FREE 1 month I AM LDN FAMILY membership (W)

  • Referral Angel Program



       Meet and Greet (10% discount)







  • GURU &

  • PRINTED Survival Guible in any of the operating languages (EN/RU/SWE/PL/FR/IT/SP/GE)

  • Sim card with 5 GBP credit

  • Oyster with 5 GBP credit


To UPGRADE to next kickstarter, you will have to pay the initial difference (120GBP) plus:

  • 10 GBP (If purchased during your conference call or up to 24 hours after)

  • 20 GBP (If purchased after 24hrs post-conference & up to 7 days)

  • 30 GBP (If purchased after 7 days period and up to 1 month)

  • Please note that after 1 month no upgrade is possible and you will have to purchase services you need through our add-ons.



(275 GBP)




  • the HERO+


  • FREE Registered oyster with 1 week of unlimited travel Zones 1-3

  • SLEEP+ (Our H service to find you a place to live. Short term or long-term up to you We guarantee at least 3 options within your budget)

  • FREE CVAG workshop

  • WORK+ (Our help with finding you a job. We guarantee at least 3 interviews!)

  • FREE 1 month of I AM LDN FAMILY membership (F)

  • FREE Netflix (1month)

  • FREE Credit report & advice (1st month only)

  • FREE Residential Advice & GP registration (Personally tailored after your needs & location proximity)

  • Your first house cleaning for FREE (2hrs maximum)

  • Your first 5 shirts LAUNDRY for FREE

  • FREE 1 week GYM

  • FREE 1 Personal Training session

  • FREE London Bus Tour

  • NEW!!! 1 FREE (30mins) session with our FAMILY life coach

  • NEW!!! 1 FREE month of Tastecard subscription


  • Meet & Greet+20%off (A total of 50% discount)


For now, please pay CLICKING HERE addressing the money to, providing all the details of the service required along with your contact details in the note section. Our check-out basket is to be integrated in due course, Many thanks for your patience!